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SdotPaul’s Random Thoughts – Episode 4 – The Game pt2

28 Jan

New episode of SdotPaul. S. Paul continues his tutorial to men and women about the relationship “game” and how we should play it.


‘Border Break’ featured in

26 Jan

Today ‘Border Break’ was featured in a brief article on, a website with a “friendly” fun environment where horror geeks discuss Horror Movies, Games and Comics.
Writer Deth Banger states, “…I must say I am absolutely intrigued after watching the trailer”.

Border Break is produced by Lakisha R. Lemons and your good friends at Advanced Eye Films, Jesse Young III and JaQuay Young.

Click here to read the actual article.

SdotPaul: Why are men so emotional?

21 Jan

A new episode of SdotPaul went live today!  S. Paul gives women the game on men and their emotions. Check it out. It’s hilarious! I’m excited to be apart of this show!

New Episode of SdotPaul!

19 Jan

Make sure to check out the next episode of SdotPaul’s Random Thoughts. S. Paul will be answer the question, “Why are men so emotional?!” Funny funny stuff! This new episodes goes live this Friday, Jan. 21!
If you haven’t already check out the first 2 episodes at

New ‘Sparks’ Tshirts

19 Jan

Shirts hot off the press! Sparks VS The Universe photoshoot is on for today!
Special thanks to Reueben Levi @ Grits Apparel for the design, and Shaun Davis @ Cauhtin Custom for the prints!

New Trailer from ‘Documentary’ film.

18 Jan

First, one of the biggest challenges during my short time on this earth as a film maker is to not being able to immediately publicize work I’ve been apart of. I might do work for a project now and not be able to show any work I’ve done for it until 2012. Coming from a commercial production background where everything is released pretty soon after it’s been completed, I’m able to almost instantly post my work and show it to the world to appreciate/devour.

All that being said, here’s a trailer I worked on last year for a cool film called “The Soul is What Remains.” I was responsible for taking the rough cut edit of the trailer, adding vfx and titles, and performing some minor color correction (it still needed to look sort of raw and untouched). So, I hope you enjoy.
THIS TRAILER CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE so make sure you don’t play it aloud at work or in front of the kids! LOL.

Feed back is encouraged!

New SdotPaul Episode – Check it out!

14 Jan


Why the f*** “should we still date after we’ve established a relationship?” Ok that’s not exactly how S. Paul puts it, but you get the point. Check out the new episode.

Feedback and Comments are always welcomed!

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