Final Cut Pro X – Redesigned from the Ground Up!

12 Apr


A few hours ago, Apple announced a new version of Final Cut Pro (called Final Cut Pro X (FCPX)) will be releasing this June for only $299!!! FCPX, which has been “rebuilt from the ground up”:

  • Now 64-bit, with OpenCL support
  • All editing native – no transcoding (for supported formats incl. H264, I assume)
  • New UI (screenshots forthcoming) with “magnetic timeline” and new clip sync method
  • Resolution independent playback system
  • Handles up to 4K
  • Uses Grand Central Dispatch to utilize all your cores
  • Fully color-managed (ColorSync)
  • Media ready for editing immediately – but stabilization, audio and shutter correction, shot detection and preliminary color balancing automatically applied during ingest
  • Timecode-based keywording within clips
  • Collections and “smart” collections of media based on metadata and analysis, presented in iMovie filmstrip style
  • Auto-syncing clips via audio waveform analysis (very nice if it works as advertised)
  • Automated color-matching between clips

Here’s some spy footage from inside the presentation (There’s a lot of blank spots where the camera had to be hidden, show some compassion LOL)

Video streaming by Ustream

For a play by play account of what was mentioned throughout the presentation, take a look at Photography Bay’s Live Blog.

This release might restore my faith in the title…


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