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Verizoom – Remote Camera Heads

13 Apr

I won’t say too much. The video explains it all!


Final Cut Pro X – Redesigned from the Ground Up!

12 Apr


A few hours ago, Apple announced a new version of Final Cut Pro (called Final Cut Pro X (FCPX)) will be releasing this June for only $299!!! FCPX, which has been “rebuilt from the ground up”:

  • Now 64-bit, with OpenCL support
  • All editing native – no transcoding (for supported formats incl. H264, I assume)
  • New UI (screenshots forthcoming) with “magnetic timeline” and new clip sync method
  • Resolution independent playback system
  • Handles up to 4K
  • Uses Grand Central Dispatch to utilize all your cores
  • Fully color-managed (ColorSync)
  • Media ready for editing immediately – but stabilization, audio and shutter correction, shot detection and preliminary color balancing automatically applied during ingest
  • Timecode-based keywording within clips
  • Collections and “smart” collections of media based on metadata and analysis, presented in iMovie filmstrip style
  • Auto-syncing clips via audio waveform analysis (very nice if it works as advertised)
  • Automated color-matching between clips

Here’s some spy footage from inside the presentation (There’s a lot of blank spots where the camera had to be hidden, show some compassion LOL)

Video streaming by Ustream

For a play by play account of what was mentioned throughout the presentation, take a look at Photography Bay’s Live Blog.

This release might restore my faith in the title…

Atomos Ninja – Record directly to Apple ProRes

12 Apr

Amen!!!! I ran across this product on apple site. I get a solid state drive, instant Apple ProRes, and on camera monitor.

Ninja packs a host of features:

  • Recording direct to Apple ProRes via HDMI – pristine HD uncompressed video from camara lens and sensor directly to Apple ProRes via HDMI
  • Monitoring – On the Ninja Screen
  • Playback – Instant playback for review of Apple Prores files to the NInja screen
  • Touch Screen – Simple intuitive touch screen functionality
  • Continuous Power – Atomos Continuous Dual Battery Technology
  • Affordable Storage – Infinite affordable 2.5″ HDD/SSD storage capability

Here’s a link to the product page for more info:

Peace Out Handbrake!!!!!!!

26 Dec

Ok, so my patnas have been telling me the past few weeks about some new program that they’re using to rip all their DVD’s for the Apple TV (mines coming soon to a house near me).For the last few years, I’ve been a big Handbrake advocate! But lately, handbrake just haven’t been coming with it (failed rips, loooonnnnngggg rips).

WinX DVD Ripper for MacIn comes WinX DVD ripper for Mac. It’s blazing fast. I can stop right there. My boys have been telling me they’re ripping entire movies within 45minutes! Try it out and see for yourselves. I’m a believer!

Segway Footage

23 Dec

OK. This shot is nice. The DP purposefully frames the shot to show there’s no track or anything for this long shot! I’ll be hunting hard to get my hands on one, or hook up with someone that does. Stay tuned….

Oh yeah this video has some harsh language and choice words, so don’t watch in front of the kids, or at work or church. LOL.

Segway with jib arm!

23 Dec

I’m drooling at what this footage probably looks like. Segway Strikes again!

Steadicam with Segway

23 Dec

Check out Kenichi Taguchi as he shows off shooting with a segway. Check out the demo video below to see what I mean. I’ll have a few more vids coming soon on this!

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