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The A.B. Zone Trailer

29 Apr

Here’s the new trailer for our anti-bullying film, The A.B. Zone coming this fall. I’m acting as Producer, Assistant Director, DP, and Editor. Check it out and let me know what you all think.

The AB Zone or “The Anti-Bullying Zone” is about Two schools, Five bullies, 2 days and no violence. Students learn how to handle a bully and bullies learn about how to get help before they strike.

Visit for more information.


SdotPaul – Why I Don’t Go to Church

12 Apr

Probably S.Paul’s most honest episode yet. S. Paul explains why he doesn’t go to church. He also challenges others to seriously answer the question for themselves.

Advancing the Advanced Eye Logo

1 Apr

Here’s a sneak peak (it seems like sneak peaks are all I got these days) of Advanced Eye’s logo remake. I’m excited!!! Let me know what you think!

Going Fishing – Coming Soon

25 Mar

Brian Ellison holds the catch of the day

Here’s a behind the scenes photo from a project I was hired to shoot not too long ago entitled “Going Fishing”. I won’t say too much about what the story line is about, but it does showcase the raw comedic talent of Brian Ellison. This 3-part segment is currently playing weekly at Higher Dimensions, Houston, TX. A directors / extended cut will be available beginning in April on

SdotPaul is in Love with Nude Statue

22 Mar

Flora, nude by Aristide Maillol * Photo by Peggy W

Showers of Sweet Nothings Have Yet to Penetrate Her Hard Bronze Exterior

Playing Hard to Get doesn’t ward off internet personality Stephen Paul, otherwise known as S. Paul. The statue can play hard to get as long as she wants, S. Paul knows Flora, Nude, a sculpture by Aristide Maillol will eventually cave in. The statue, installed at the Cullen Sculpture Garden in Houston, TX, stands nude with her head held high.

But why Flora?! In his newest episode, S. Paul explains why she’s “the one” for him, and questions what makes your significant other (current or future) “the one” for you? He also challenges fans’ criteria and qualities of “the one”.

Flora has yet to make a statement.

SdotPaul’s Random Thoughts is a web based series. Random thoughts have never escaped the human conscience. We never cease to ask ourselves those questions that rise up at moments where we often don’t share. S. Paul has decided to leak a few of his thoughts about love, relationships, life, and other human experiences we encounter on our path called life. He’s keeping it real and comical so that everyone can relate. SdotPaul’s Random Thoughts ( is produced by Advanced Eye Films (

SdotPaul – I Hate My JOB!!!

22 Feb

S. Paul examines the subject, “I Hate My Job” with special guest Jordan Baylor. Jordan reeeaaalllllyyyy hates his job. He hates people, the building, the water…. everything about his job. See why Jordan hates his job so much, as many of us do, and enjoy another random thought.

SdotPaul’s Random Thoughts – Episode 4 – The Game pt2

28 Jan

New episode of SdotPaul. S. Paul continues his tutorial to men and women about the relationship “game” and how we should play it.

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